Commercial management


    Commercial Management is a mandatory subject in the 3rd grade of the Business Administration Degree in Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. The main objective of the Commercial Management course is to go more in depth and specialize in the contents and skills acquired in the courses of Introduction to Marketing and Marketing Management.

    The specific objectives are to train students in the Business Administration Degree with the most relevant and current Commercial Management concepts, functions, implications, strategies, and tools, with a clear focus on results. At the same time, it enables students to analyze different strategies and decisions on the client’s management and, finally, it goes

    into more depth in the sales management and sales force processes as the direct responsibility of the revenues and results of all the exchange, transaction and relationship efforts between companies and markets.

    The main objective of this book is to provide students with a manual that includes the basic concepts of the subject to facilitate and improve their learning process within the course.

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    Sobre Cristina del Castillo Feito (Autor)

    • Cristina del Castillo Feito
      Cristina del Castillo Feito, has PHD in Business and Economics (University of Vigo). Visiting professor at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid since 2015. Master’s in management (Rey Juan Carlos University) and Business Administration Degree (Carlos III University). She has part... Ver más sobre el autor

    Sobre Carlos del Castillo Peces (Autor)

    • Carlos del Castillo Peces
      Carlos del Castillo Peces es doctor en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales por la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Profesor del departamento de Economía de la Empresa de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos desde el año 2005, es autor/coautor de diferentes textos, artículos y ponencias en ... Ver más sobre el autor

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